Friday, April 25, 2008


I'll admit it i love to explore and i have been to many areas most haven't. I have trudged through the wonder of mount Hyjal, Explored the depths of the lost city of Gnomelantis™, Conquered the snowy peak of Ironforge airport, Fished off Newman's landing.

In short i love to explore and i figured since i have a blog i may as well use it to show off a few of the places i have explored.

But where should i choose?

The choice was clear in the end in needed to be easy to get to and have a nice scenery atmosphere.

To that end i chose Quel'thalas. Not the area encompassing Ghostlands, Quel'danas and Silvermoon city, But a small area to the north of Tirisfal glades coast.

I first found this place pre-tbc when i was wondering if blizzard introduced any blood elf structure to the north so i decided to swim from hinterlands to Tirisfal a grueling swim and i found little till i saw quel'thalas.

I was accompanied by my good friend Itsnoteasy and we rolled two level 1 undead priests and began swimming from the northeastern tip of the Tirsifal glades coastline. Note be aware that the blood elf lands are for all intents and purposes instanced and cannot reach the regular world so you must begin in an un-instanced portion of the world.

This shot to my right shows the Huge tower of night elf origin and the dock in the distance looks pretty snazzy eh?

This shot to my left also includes the tower and the dock and the Acropolis-like ruins again they remind me of night elf structures and Zimmerman is Itsnoteasy.

A shot of the aforementioned tower the screenshot is quite devious in not showing how huge it truly is and the trees too are for that matter quite large.

Close up of the Acropolis 'Nuff said.

Close up of the pretty night elf dock

View from behind the cliff of the acropolis just took it becasue it looks good and shows the tower a little better

So thats Quel'thalas just roll an undead toon go to the coast and follow the coastline north east you will find it no problem. I think its a great place to fish and hangout as you won't be bothered and well it looks nice :P.

With that i leave you with a parting shot of all three buildings in the hopes you too will explore and don't worry i have way better places to show you but all good things must wait

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Simply Amazing

Well i haven't been posting as much as i would like due to the fact i Still haven't got my gamecard. But i can still play with trial accounts which was the case when i decided to kill some time trying out a shaman well thats not the interesting part.

The interesting thing happened the sheer instant i logged in with my newly created Tauren Shaman Broncho well i was shocked to be honest but see for yourself.

Crazy huh? he even beat the general chat sign in i find that insane that the gold farmers are THAT proficient with spamming.
Well being on a trial account i couldn't talk to anyone else besides the gold farmer so i tried to initiate conversation over his/her fine product.

I just thought if you were trying to sell your product you would let your customers now why it is the best with all that competition around something has got to set you apart right? Right?!
I mean the market for wow gold/cheats is enormous. Look what occurred about 5-15 minutes later.

Another wow spammer/hack/gold-farming crackpot. I find it crazy that soo many accounts are being used for this as with the changes to trial accounts they must be using their own pocket to fuel it and each new account would cost a little bit but as each account is banned they need new ones so it would build up quite quickly.

Of course they are using hacked/logged accounts and they are getting smarter with their keyloggers. Not to long ago i saw a 70 account take a post that was already on the board copy it and insert keyloggers where the links to images were now this is a farcry from the earlier stages of "2.4 incredible!" So don't fall for them ALWAYS check the link its a safe bet if it includes .cn in the link its a keylogger.

In summary be careful keyloggers are getting smarter and they have the money evidently to fuel more spamming so when you see a spammer just right click and report as spam not only does this inform the GM's but it also ignores everything /em /s /yell /1 /2 etc from their entire account. Blizzard is cracking down on gold farmers and you can help, make sure that you do.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well after a year of hiatus i did not think i was going to be able to score any serious points in the BG's well i was right i did not.... at the start i asked a few people who played pallies for advice and read up on a few things and i quickly adapated to end up getting thetop 2 spots....When there was no twinks around.

Now honestly the whole twinking debate has raged for ages and after bging while leveling i hate twinks i hate them with a vengeance to lose on gear and not skill just irks me so much. For example if i can keep a hunter in melee on his own with him at 79% and myself at 100% i should win i mean i did everything right in this situation after i reviewed myself he just had more health than me by a metric tonne i think it would have to have been around the 2.8k mark which in comparison to myself (a pally) at a measly 1.3k and i was in instance blues too is ridiculous. However i did manage to beat twinks purely because they were (at least most of them were i am sure a few twinks have some skill i guess) Criminally stupid such is the case of a rogue who would have had double my hp chasing a shammy around who kept frostshocking him while i chased the rogue banging on him with Verigan's fist...I killed him i won easily but it wasn't me getting a chain of crits or myself being exceptionally good which i am not it was the rogue not touching me as i continued to beat on him in a circle seriously i was not touched i just don't get how he did not notice me perhaps he was playing in first person mode or something to quote brk /boggle.

However i read the PvP forums and twinks have a number of arguments such as
Level 70s who are arena geared are twinked in comparison to fresh 70s so twinking isn't any different.
This argument has no relevance whatsoever in my eyes i see the main goal of the low levels as to level to 70 and have as much fun as they can along the way whereas a 70 is just to gear and that is all they need be concerned with they don't stay at 70 because of choice unlike twinks whose armor and more importantly enchants are not necessary for the main goal of the low levels but are necessary for just beating down low levels apparently.

Anyone can twink themselves out without a 70- This might be true but i doubt it when asked for how they would earn this money twinks replied by mining copper and selling it and i doubt anyone has the single-mindness to farm up the thousands of copper required to twink a character out to the extent most have such as ZG enchants which would cost a bundle while they may may may just be able to get the blue-boes and a couple instance blues the enchants are far to expensive to afford and without them they will always be disadvantaged.

Twinks take just as much skill as any pvper in any bracket- No just no some twinks may have skill but they do not require it the gear advantage they have is just far to great for any need of skill i don't care how "Skilled" you are if you are in greens and blues with no enchants going up against a fully dekced out twink with all blues enchanted to the top and have consumable buffs well that twink practically has another 10 levels on you in terms of damage and health not to mention the fact they are praying on new players who would understandably be less "Skilled" in the game and twinks at this level could put a player off pvping for a long time. As i doubt many people want to be rolled in a couple seconds while being able to do only 1% or 2% damage to their attackers.

Its my subscription.
Unfortunately i just can't disagree with this one it is their money and their right to play with it anyway they want even though its less of a challenge you wouldn't take a game away from someone just because they chose the Easiest difficulty would you? So while they may be the bottom of the barrel and ruin low level bgs for people there is nothing the community can do to stop them. However they are ruining the experience for other players so there is a small chance blizzard could actually try the "Gear matching" they were talking about or as some players put it exp for honer kills which would make leveling a whole lot more fun to boot.

Anyway sorry for the rant long story short twinks require no skill although they may have some they ruin the bg experience for new players which could put them off pvp for a while. But there is nothing we as a community can do about it so the ball is in blizzard's court. Twinks on the other hand should stop trying to make out that it is hard however.

/endrant i promise.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I was thinking about how i love so many of these low level quests so i may as well do a spotlight on a few of my favorite quests (Excluding the new dranei quests which i need to explore more)

As fore mentioned i enjoyed the Capitan sanders chain and also enjoy Cortello's riddle this is because they simply take you to to place you do not normally go and well i love to explore and these actually help me explore.

i am also pretty fond of any of the Duskwood chains including Stalvan where you get a very lovely story of a tutor gone mad well worth it to read it in my opinion. Svens chain to find out about the worgen is also a very lore-rich chain explaining the worgen and duskwood as a whole.

Another quest which i will mention briefly as i am beginning it shortly and have not seen the updates would be "The Missing Diplomat" quest chain very interesting this with the westfall chains show so much more of the Defias and their structure well worth playing this again.

Finally i will talk about a quest chain no one has done or seem to know about and that would be "The demon Razekilah" chain very interesting chain with a climatic battle against a doomguard who summons fel dogs a deathknight and a felguard at the top of the highest mountain. This chain starts off on the swamp of sorrows blasted lands border and has you go right to Azhara to speak with a demon hunter! in any case i love this quest and at 60 the quest rewards were nice.

These are but a few of the quests i like and i would recommend them all to anyone

P.S the pally chain for Verigan's fist i have finished and i love my new mace.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A whole new paladin!

Yep, Thats right i rolled new pally forthus on frostmourne.

I chose dranei for the nice HoT which i have found ever so useful and i must say the dranei quests in the starting zone are by the far the best i have done. One of the highlights would have to be the chain where you learn how to speak furblog. The quest chain has you given slowfall, a water snake form and an invisible cat form with a movement buff-incredibly fun for low levels. Another quest of note would be Kessel run (Star wars reference i can do kessel run in under 9 parsecs) in which you recieve a mount to go warn 4 various leaders in under 15 minutes this is a 100% speed mount and at level 10 thats quite fun to have. After that i finished a few more quests here and there and headed off to westfall to quest with my mate. The run from menethil to there is not fun.

In any case i was able to do perhaps one of my favorite quests Captain sanders treasure chain.
It might not be flashy it might not have awesome rewards but it was my first change of pace quest i ever had where i explore rather than grind mindlessly (And yes i look forward to Cortello's riddle).This is just one quest i wouldn't use any fancy Add-on or search Thottbot for i would just do it its well worth it

As far as instances go i have *Enjoyed* 3 PuG runs 1 to wailing caverns 2 to deadmines.
Wailing caverns are you may know is in the barrens this of course made getting to it a nightmare with level 70 locks ganking and camping you... so yes the run did not start out well and did not get much better 17 warrior 2h tanking in battle stance and he could not hold aggro at all and fought with me over everything particularly him using a shield and defensive stance as keeping him up was quite hard on my mana

The next run was plagued with people leaving and it was in VC and i must admit leaving at the boat proved quite annoying but we didn't have the best group to begin with a hunter sending his pet into every room along with autoshot to pull drawing more mobs on us than Mage's have tears. Fortunatly it was VC and we managed to get it over with because well its VC and its easy.

Myself and Niflheimr(my reroll buddy whom i met on BRK's gnaked gnome race) got it done and our group was good except for the other mage who pyro pulled on every mob and now as a pally im tanking this run and i told him repeadtly to stop it and use two fireballs for more damage to which he replied "I do DPS i don't worry about threat that's the tanks job" of course i told him he was being stupid and he said "I'm testing your tanking ability then" by now ive just given up and raced to pull mobs while he was OOM so he had to drink instead of pyro pulling. By the end we just let him tank 3 mobs he pulled on his own he died and resed at spirit healer even while we are resing him where he laughed at us for "Being stupid and having to run back to sentinel hill"of course we called him a noob etc and he said " i have a 51 warlock i know what im doing" Truly i feel sorry for whoever groups with him and this is yet another example of how PuGs suck .

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gnaked gnomes!

Aye i ran in the gnaked gnome race brk held and came 3rd overall it was the most fun i've had in a while.At least 260 gnomes ran so 3rd is pretty good in my opinion. Anyway me and my mate who i met shortly before the race Itsnoteasy. Practiced a special route to minimize the runtime we went around kharnos cutting off a fair bit of time then we ran right up over. Old IF airport then through the wetlands farm. Itsnoteasy led through the entire race til the farm where he made a wrong step fell and died otherwise he would have won by a country mile. I too led the race but then made a stupid mistake with croc aggro and paid for it. But you know what its not about winning its about having fun and heck i had heaps of that and i hope brk will run another soon

Friday, February 1, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Well, its not long now till i am back in Azeroth on my main account. But i have certainly had alot of fun on my free trial proving you don't need a 70 just to have fun. Well on my variety of characters i mainly went exploring because quite simply its easy and very fun.

I went all over but my first stop was a place i was told about a while ago but i never got around to actually go there that place was Newman's Landing's_Landing
quite a nice little place worth the swim there in my opinion, but id advise to bring a fishing rod as it is a nice fishing spot.

Next we journeyed on to karazhan crypts an unfinished zone which is blocked off from convential methods but if your are polymorphed you can get in. Inside the zone are many quite amazing bits of scenery the best example of this would be "The room of upside down sinners". An underwater room with bodies hanging from chains, which gives it a quite eerie and creepy feel of course i collected a large number of screenies.

After which we went on another swim from the north coast of tirisfal glades to un-instanced quel'thalas a large area with pretty big trees and ruined night elf buildings. While i was a level 3-4 undead priest my friends were 70 druids so they had fun dueling and i would recommend this as another tranquil fishing spot. Oh and if you plan on making this journey i would go from tirisfal up even though the bloodelf lands are closer to this point they are in an instanced part of the server and as such do not exist in the regular world. Nor would i suggest going from hinterlands as i did when i first discovered the place (hey i was bored although it took like an hour or more).

As far as i know exploring is not going against any of blizzard's rules but of course i may be wrong and if i am please contact me. However that being said i have never been reprimanded by a GM on Haomarush and have even asked if it was he said it was not an offense but GM's are occasionally wrong and the rules do change but i don't think you will be banned or suspended for exploring.

In a side note i really wouldn't mind some feedback on this or any article or even my blogging ability so please use the comment-making-button-thingie.