Thursday, April 24, 2008

Simply Amazing

Well i haven't been posting as much as i would like due to the fact i Still haven't got my gamecard. But i can still play with trial accounts which was the case when i decided to kill some time trying out a shaman well thats not the interesting part.

The interesting thing happened the sheer instant i logged in with my newly created Tauren Shaman Broncho well i was shocked to be honest but see for yourself.

Crazy huh? he even beat the general chat sign in i find that insane that the gold farmers are THAT proficient with spamming.
Well being on a trial account i couldn't talk to anyone else besides the gold farmer so i tried to initiate conversation over his/her fine product.

I just thought if you were trying to sell your product you would let your customers now why it is the best with all that competition around something has got to set you apart right? Right?!
I mean the market for wow gold/cheats is enormous. Look what occurred about 5-15 minutes later.

Another wow spammer/hack/gold-farming crackpot. I find it crazy that soo many accounts are being used for this as with the changes to trial accounts they must be using their own pocket to fuel it and each new account would cost a little bit but as each account is banned they need new ones so it would build up quite quickly.

Of course they are using hacked/logged accounts and they are getting smarter with their keyloggers. Not to long ago i saw a 70 account take a post that was already on the board copy it and insert keyloggers where the links to images were now this is a farcry from the earlier stages of "2.4 incredible!" So don't fall for them ALWAYS check the link its a safe bet if it includes .cn in the link its a keylogger.

In summary be careful keyloggers are getting smarter and they have the money evidently to fuel more spamming so when you see a spammer just right click and report as spam not only does this inform the GM's but it also ignores everything /em /s /yell /1 /2 etc from their entire account. Blizzard is cracking down on gold farmers and you can help, make sure that you do.

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vorn said...

I never even thought to start a conversation with the scum :)
It would be nice if there was a way to spam the @#$%#$# back maybe when they advertise we get the whole server to email that website back every 10 minutes for an hour or something similar .....hmmmm revenge thought i must give this some :)