Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well after a year of hiatus i did not think i was going to be able to score any serious points in the BG's well i was right i did not.... at the start i asked a few people who played pallies for advice and read up on a few things and i quickly adapated to end up getting thetop 2 spots....When there was no twinks around.

Now honestly the whole twinking debate has raged for ages and after bging while leveling i hate twinks i hate them with a vengeance to lose on gear and not skill just irks me so much. For example if i can keep a hunter in melee on his own with him at 79% and myself at 100% i should win i mean i did everything right in this situation after i reviewed myself he just had more health than me by a metric tonne i think it would have to have been around the 2.8k mark which in comparison to myself (a pally) at a measly 1.3k and i was in instance blues too is ridiculous. However i did manage to beat twinks purely because they were (at least most of them were i am sure a few twinks have some skill i guess) Criminally stupid such is the case of a rogue who would have had double my hp chasing a shammy around who kept frostshocking him while i chased the rogue banging on him with Verigan's fist...I killed him i won easily but it wasn't me getting a chain of crits or myself being exceptionally good which i am not it was the rogue not touching me as i continued to beat on him in a circle seriously i was not touched i just don't get how he did not notice me perhaps he was playing in first person mode or something to quote brk /boggle.

However i read the PvP forums and twinks have a number of arguments such as
Level 70s who are arena geared are twinked in comparison to fresh 70s so twinking isn't any different.
This argument has no relevance whatsoever in my eyes i see the main goal of the low levels as to level to 70 and have as much fun as they can along the way whereas a 70 is just to gear and that is all they need be concerned with they don't stay at 70 because of choice unlike twinks whose armor and more importantly enchants are not necessary for the main goal of the low levels but are necessary for just beating down low levels apparently.

Anyone can twink themselves out without a 70- This might be true but i doubt it when asked for how they would earn this money twinks replied by mining copper and selling it and i doubt anyone has the single-mindness to farm up the thousands of copper required to twink a character out to the extent most have such as ZG enchants which would cost a bundle while they may may may just be able to get the blue-boes and a couple instance blues the enchants are far to expensive to afford and without them they will always be disadvantaged.

Twinks take just as much skill as any pvper in any bracket- No just no some twinks may have skill but they do not require it the gear advantage they have is just far to great for any need of skill i don't care how "Skilled" you are if you are in greens and blues with no enchants going up against a fully dekced out twink with all blues enchanted to the top and have consumable buffs well that twink practically has another 10 levels on you in terms of damage and health not to mention the fact they are praying on new players who would understandably be less "Skilled" in the game and twinks at this level could put a player off pvping for a long time. As i doubt many people want to be rolled in a couple seconds while being able to do only 1% or 2% damage to their attackers.

Its my subscription.
Unfortunately i just can't disagree with this one it is their money and their right to play with it anyway they want even though its less of a challenge you wouldn't take a game away from someone just because they chose the Easiest difficulty would you? So while they may be the bottom of the barrel and ruin low level bgs for people there is nothing the community can do to stop them. However they are ruining the experience for other players so there is a small chance blizzard could actually try the "Gear matching" they were talking about or as some players put it exp for honer kills which would make leveling a whole lot more fun to boot.

Anyway sorry for the rant long story short twinks require no skill although they may have some they ruin the bg experience for new players which could put them off pvp for a while. But there is nothing we as a community can do about it so the ball is in blizzard's court. Twinks on the other hand should stop trying to make out that it is hard however.

/endrant i promise.

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