Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gnaked gnomes!

Aye i ran in the gnaked gnome race brk held and came 3rd overall it was the most fun i've had in a while.At least 260 gnomes ran so 3rd is pretty good in my opinion. Anyway me and my mate who i met shortly before the race Itsnoteasy. Practiced a special route to minimize the runtime we went around kharnos cutting off a fair bit of time then we ran right up over. Old IF airport then through the wetlands farm. Itsnoteasy led through the entire race til the farm where he made a wrong step fell and died otherwise he would have won by a country mile. I too led the race but then made a stupid mistake with croc aggro and paid for it. But you know what its not about winning its about having fun and heck i had heaps of that and i hope brk will run another soon

Friday, February 1, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Well, its not long now till i am back in Azeroth on my main account. But i have certainly had alot of fun on my free trial proving you don't need a 70 just to have fun. Well on my variety of characters i mainly went exploring because quite simply its easy and very fun.

I went all over but my first stop was a place i was told about a while ago but i never got around to actually go there that place was Newman's Landing's_Landing
quite a nice little place worth the swim there in my opinion, but id advise to bring a fishing rod as it is a nice fishing spot.

Next we journeyed on to karazhan crypts an unfinished zone which is blocked off from convential methods but if your are polymorphed you can get in. Inside the zone are many quite amazing bits of scenery the best example of this would be "The room of upside down sinners". An underwater room with bodies hanging from chains, which gives it a quite eerie and creepy feel of course i collected a large number of screenies.

After which we went on another swim from the north coast of tirisfal glades to un-instanced quel'thalas a large area with pretty big trees and ruined night elf buildings. While i was a level 3-4 undead priest my friends were 70 druids so they had fun dueling and i would recommend this as another tranquil fishing spot. Oh and if you plan on making this journey i would go from tirisfal up even though the bloodelf lands are closer to this point they are in an instanced part of the server and as such do not exist in the regular world. Nor would i suggest going from hinterlands as i did when i first discovered the place (hey i was bored although it took like an hour or more).

As far as i know exploring is not going against any of blizzard's rules but of course i may be wrong and if i am please contact me. However that being said i have never been reprimanded by a GM on Haomarush and have even asked if it was he said it was not an offense but GM's are occasionally wrong and the rules do change but i don't think you will be banned or suspended for exploring.

In a side note i really wouldn't mind some feedback on this or any article or even my blogging ability so please use the comment-making-button-thingie.