Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gnaked gnomes!

Aye i ran in the gnaked gnome race brk held and came 3rd overall it was the most fun i've had in a while.At least 260 gnomes ran so 3rd is pretty good in my opinion. Anyway me and my mate who i met shortly before the race Itsnoteasy. Practiced a special route to minimize the runtime we went around kharnos cutting off a fair bit of time then we ran right up over. Old IF airport then through the wetlands farm. Itsnoteasy led through the entire race til the farm where he made a wrong step fell and died otherwise he would have won by a country mile. I too led the race but then made a stupid mistake with croc aggro and paid for it. But you know what its not about winning its about having fun and heck i had heaps of that and i hope brk will run another soon

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vorn said...

lol i was there as well and about 6 gnomes behind you if you were 3rd :)