Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A whole new paladin!

Yep, Thats right i rolled new pally forthus on frostmourne.

I chose dranei for the nice HoT which i have found ever so useful and i must say the dranei quests in the starting zone are by the far the best i have done. One of the highlights would have to be the chain where you learn how to speak furblog. The quest chain has you given slowfall, a water snake form and an invisible cat form with a movement buff-incredibly fun for low levels. Another quest of note would be Kessel run (Star wars reference i can do kessel run in under 9 parsecs) in which you recieve a mount to go warn 4 various leaders in under 15 minutes this is a 100% speed mount and at level 10 thats quite fun to have. After that i finished a few more quests here and there and headed off to westfall to quest with my mate. The run from menethil to there is not fun.

In any case i was able to do perhaps one of my favorite quests Captain sanders treasure chain.
It might not be flashy it might not have awesome rewards but it was my first change of pace quest i ever had where i explore rather than grind mindlessly (And yes i look forward to Cortello's riddle).This is just one quest i wouldn't use any fancy Add-on or search Thottbot for i would just do it its well worth it

As far as instances go i have *Enjoyed* 3 PuG runs 1 to wailing caverns 2 to deadmines.
Wailing caverns are you may know is in the barrens this of course made getting to it a nightmare with level 70 locks ganking and camping you... so yes the run did not start out well and did not get much better 17 warrior 2h tanking in battle stance and he could not hold aggro at all and fought with me over everything particularly him using a shield and defensive stance as keeping him up was quite hard on my mana

The next run was plagued with people leaving and it was in VC and i must admit leaving at the boat proved quite annoying but we didn't have the best group to begin with a hunter sending his pet into every room along with autoshot to pull drawing more mobs on us than Mage's have tears. Fortunatly it was VC and we managed to get it over with because well its VC and its easy.

Myself and Niflheimr(my reroll buddy whom i met on BRK's gnaked gnome race) got it done and our group was good except for the other mage who pyro pulled on every mob and now as a pally im tanking this run and i told him repeadtly to stop it and use two fireballs for more damage to which he replied "I do DPS i don't worry about threat that's the tanks job" of course i told him he was being stupid and he said "I'm testing your tanking ability then" by now ive just given up and raced to pull mobs while he was OOM so he had to drink instead of pyro pulling. By the end we just let him tank 3 mobs he pulled on his own he died and resed at spirit healer even while we are resing him where he laughed at us for "Being stupid and having to run back to sentinel hill"of course we called him a noob etc and he said " i have a 51 warlock i know what im doing" Truly i feel sorry for whoever groups with him and this is yet another example of how PuGs suck .

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