Friday, March 7, 2008


I was thinking about how i love so many of these low level quests so i may as well do a spotlight on a few of my favorite quests (Excluding the new dranei quests which i need to explore more)

As fore mentioned i enjoyed the Capitan sanders chain and also enjoy Cortello's riddle this is because they simply take you to to place you do not normally go and well i love to explore and these actually help me explore.

i am also pretty fond of any of the Duskwood chains including Stalvan where you get a very lovely story of a tutor gone mad well worth it to read it in my opinion. Svens chain to find out about the worgen is also a very lore-rich chain explaining the worgen and duskwood as a whole.

Another quest which i will mention briefly as i am beginning it shortly and have not seen the updates would be "The Missing Diplomat" quest chain very interesting this with the westfall chains show so much more of the Defias and their structure well worth playing this again.

Finally i will talk about a quest chain no one has done or seem to know about and that would be "The demon Razekilah" chain very interesting chain with a climatic battle against a doomguard who summons fel dogs a deathknight and a felguard at the top of the highest mountain. This chain starts off on the swamp of sorrows blasted lands border and has you go right to Azhara to speak with a demon hunter! in any case i love this quest and at 60 the quest rewards were nice.

These are but a few of the quests i like and i would recommend them all to anyone

P.S the pally chain for Verigan's fist i have finished and i love my new mace.

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