Monday, January 28, 2008


As i near the point where i begin wow again (i quit for roughly a year and i am getting my gamecard soon) i looked back on what made wow fun and of course it was easy to figure out what it was.

No it wasn't that epic feeling you get when you downed rag for the first time, Nor was it the first bit of gear ya got that was in purple. It was the people ya played with your friends that made it fun (a fact most wowers seem to forget nowadays). I really learnt something from each of my friends and where better to start then Snellopy.

Snellopy is/was a dwarf hunter from Darkspear (School teacher from northern Australia) and he was without a doubt the slowest leveler in the history of wow but he probably had the most fun doing it to. When i first met him and fozzie (his white bear) he was around level 48 and he was running me (level 16 at the time) and some other puggers through the deadmines.

Now this was a common occurence for snellopy becasue he always lent a hand to whoever asked. Of course i leveled beyond Deadmines eventually and he kept on running it but it wasn't just deadmines we ran everywhere together from sfk to eventually a pug molten core but more on that later.

Snellopy was just that kind of guy generous and always helpful and i learned a few things from him including:
  1. Jumping of big things is fun (Darnassus tree, Mount Hyjal and that mountain in feralas was just a few of the places)
  2. The hunt is usually more fun than the catch and the best example i can think of was him searching for the good ole sewer beast in Stormwind to tame he spent about 2 months and finally caught it, played with it for a week and let it go. Of course i was wondering what insane reason would make him release it. He told me the croc was no different than any other white skinned croc out there and he could always go tame another if he wanted. And yet again i asked him why did he want the sewer beast then?(Although looking back i probably used more "adult language") He replied "for the challenge" and promptly went and tamed a pink Plainstrider he called Gonzo.
  3. You don't need to plan what you are going to do or even know where you are going. This can be best described by his never-changing reply to my question "which way now?" His reply of course to my eternal annoyance was "leftish" And to his credit we may never have planned where we going but we always ended up having fun.
  4. Just because most people don't do it doesn't mean its not fun. This mainly refers to quests and i can think of hundreds examples where have done the unusual a very good example would be The demon razekilah chain in blasted lands or tirion fording chain these quests were rarely done on our server and proved to be very fun. That and most people didn't get a jubling vanity pet and we did and we loved ours .
  5. Fishing although boring to some is rewarding. Snellopy was the embodiment of a fisher a dwarf hunter that loved booze and some of the things he fished up and cooked were crazy all the nightfin soups really helped his guild out and he sold huge amounts of rare fishing items. And oh yeah his fishing companion when horde were nearby was his white chicken vanity pet as a white flag of truce and be damned it worked he never was ganked when he /point to it while he was fishing.
And well yeah theres 5 things that i remember he taught me there probably is way more but things are a little hazy and i've learned stuff from other friends too but then the post would be waaay to long. The point was friends and people make this game great and fun don't forget that and when you go adventuring in azeroth always remember fun is just a bit leftish of where you are.

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